Make RV Buying Safer and Easier for Your Customers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Safer RV Sales

Limited hours and operations due to COVID-19 can make recreational vehicle sales difficult. Make RV buying easier and safer for your customers.

The recreational vehicle market has been improving and people are getting away from it all, but many dealers are still suffering from lower than normal foot traffic and sales. Government mandated and other safety restrictions on business operations can make it difficult for your customers.

At RVchat, we’re all about making it easier for you to engage with customers and sell more vehicles. So we see live chat usage as a “no brainer”. With live chat software and chat support services from RVchat, your recreational vehicle dealership can offer the convenience and safety that covid-conscious customers want

Our client-dealerships are now using live chat for nearly all interactions, in addition to our industry leading process of converting website visitors to qualified sales leads. Customer service, scheduling appointments, and even showing recreational vehicles with video chat are some ways dealers are evolving their processes to better serve safety conscious customers.

If you are not currently using live chat to keep your RV dealership moving forward, or are using an inefficient chat system, please give us a call to learn how RVchat can help.

Call us at 1-800-601-0792contact us here, or chat with us to get started.

Stay safe and healthy!


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