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Video Chat for RV Dealerships – Now Is The Time!

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Video chat has quickly changed from fancy add-on to an important tool that may be the key to survival for recreational vehicle dealerships. There is no 100% replacement for real in-person interactions when it comes to RV sales, but we’re in the midst of a pandemic. Consumers and businesses alike want to be safe, so face to face meetings are rare.

Video chat platforms like Zoom are good for personal use and some business meetings, but wouldn’t a video chat platform that is designed specifically for gathering qualified RV sales leads and guiding RV shoppers through your buying process be better? RVchat does that!

RVchat has been the industry leader in live chat software and chat support staffing solutions for years. Our video chat feature helps RV dealers establish that much sought after rapport with customers, while collecting contact information and nurturing leads.

How can you use video during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future?

Can video chat really replace the experience of the dealership? Nothing beats the real thing, but video chat from RVchat comes very close. According to a 2018 Think with Google report, 64 percent of automotive shoppers say that video of a vehicle could convince them to buy without a test drive. RV shoppers are not much different, and live video walk-arounds take this one step further. Your sales staff can use a phone, tablet or laptop to do give customers a closer look all around the RV – from whatever views they need to make their purchasing decision. Unlike a pre-recorded video, the sales person is able to answer questions in real-time about what the customer sees via video – just like how it works in real life.


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