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Instantly estimate the number of leads, sales, gross profit, cost per sale, and return on investment (ROI) that our Live Chat solution can generate through your RV dealership’s website.

1. Monthly traffic to your website Monthly Sales/Website Visitor #’s:

How many visitors do you get to your dealership website each month on average?
Note: Do not use unique website visits, use total visits

2. Average total gross profit per unit Total Gross Profit Per Sale Calculation:

What is your total average gross profit per sale?

3. Estimated Sales Leads, Sales, Gross Profit, Cost Per Sale, ROI from RV Chat

These Return On Investment (ROI) estimates are based on known RV Chat client averages, the known average amount
paid for leads, and the average gross profit per sale amount entered

Estimated Sales Leads

  • Sales Leads Monthly :
  • Sales Leads Annually :

Estimated Sales Increase

  • Sales Monthly :
  • Sales Annually :

Estimated Gross Profit

  • Gross Profit Monthly :
  • Gross Profit Annually :

Estimated Cost Per Sale

  • Cost Per Sale :

Estimated Return On Investment

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