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The RV Chat Approach

Get more RV sales leads without spending more to increase website traffic

Dealers spend millions of dollars driving traffic to their websites, and it is not getting any easier. Smart dealers are beginning to realize that more emphasis should be placed on conversion optimization: turning more of those valuable visitors into leads and sales. The average conversion rate for most dealer websites is less than 2%. The remaining 98% represents a huge missed opportunity, especially since leads generated from a dealers own website have the highest closing ratio.

RV Chat’s live chat support service turns your website from static and informational to dynamic and conversational.
We have developed a cost effective way to convert more of your existing website traffic into qualified leads. Why struggle to increase web traffic when you can convert a higher number of the traffic you already have?

Our proven way to convert visitors into quality leads

Our approach to lead capturing is very similar to your RV dealership’s approach. We promptly greet all visitors, build a rapport, and answer questions while getting the important information needed for you to close the deal. Sales process and execution are important aspects of how your dealership sells motorhomes and trailers, and the same is true with your online sales. Effective use of the correct live chat process is the key to iproving lead generation from your website. We have developed proven chat scripts, and deploy them at just the right time to capture the lead. Over 40% of your website’s visitors will make a purchase somewhere within 30 days. Our proactive live chat solution can help ensure they make that purchase at your dealership. RV Chat can increase your current website traffic conversion rate by as much as 60%.

Support is the key to our success

Complete customer support, along with our proactive chat software and proven process has been the key to our success. Effectively answering queries and meeting your customers’ needs while building a rapport is the key to our higher conversion rates. Other chat providers claim to provide support, but in fact they chase your visitors around in circles, trying to get their contact information instead of answering visitor queries and establishing rapport. It is more like a live quote request form. This “selfish” behavior can leave a bad impression and have a very negative effect. At RV Chat we take pride in the high level of quality support we provide, and we often beat our competition’s chat lead conversion results by 300%.

We appreciate your interest in RV Chat and taking the time to learn about what we can do for your RV dealership. Let us know if we can assist you with your Live Chat needs.


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