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RV buyers want to shop 24/7

24 hour availabilityWhen people who are shopping for a new or used RV land on your website, you want a way to increase your chance to make a sale. There was a time that adding live chat to an RV dealership website was a novel way to communicate with shoppers. That’s changed – and in a big way! Using live chat, especially a quality managed chat like RV Chat, gives recreational vehicle stores a great way to proactively engage with shoppers on the website and actually increase internet leads by as much as 60 percent.

In the “real world”,  you want your sales team to walk out and greet each customer. With a proper setup, our live chat can accomplish the same thing on your website. Between the proactive chat popup and the different icon elements, RV Chat allows you start the conversation around the clock – any time someone is on the website. A typical dealership website a ‘bounce rate’ of around 50-70%. Bounce rate means the visitor left the site after visiting just one page. That means more than one half of website shoppers leave the website and may never return. Doesn’t it make sense to take every step possible to ensure you capture their contact information as a quality lead so you can put them into your sales funnel?

RV Chat software is the most advanced in the industry, engineered from the ground up to generate a lead from a dealership website. In addition, RV Chat operators are the best-trained in the industry to help your website shoppers gather the information they need and collect quality lead information for your sales team. This lead information can be forwarded to your website through your CRM system, as well as in an email or even an SMS text message. As mobile website traffic continues to grow, so does the importance of adding quality chat to your RV sales website.
Every day you delay is costing you leads, so call today to schedule a quick demo.

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