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5 Ways Live Chat Helps Sell RVs

Live chat lead generator

Here are some of the ways a managed live chat solution from can help your recreational vehicle dealership get more qualified leads and sell more RVs.

  • Not Just More, but Better Leads

    RV Chat allows you to qualify website leads in real time, from the start of the conversation. Through live chat, you can assess just how interested a website visitor really is, and qualify whether they are a lead worth chasing. Our managed chat operators are trained to get the leads you need.

  • Online Chat Is Useful to Your Visitors

    A managed chat system like RV Chat allows you to answer your visitor’s questions in realtime. Being available 24/7 – right now – in an on demand world can make the difference between a new customer and a disappearing website user.

  • People Don’t Like Forms

    There are a lot of people who simply will not fill out an online form. Some are concerned about privacy or security, or they just don’t their email inbox to fill up with unwanted spam. Asking for phone numbers can be even more intimidating to the growing number of people who seem to be unaware that their smartphone is indeed a telephone.
    Live chat gives you the opportunity to put these people at ease and answer questions without asking for “sensitive” info up front. Our live chat operators are trained to get the info you need without driving away potential customers.

  • Chat Can Get More Detailed Information

    There is a limit to how much you can reasonably expect a person to tell you on a form. A lead generation form with too many blank spaces for people to fill in, will reveal the laziness in just about any website visitor.
    RV Chat allows you to collect more information than you would get from an online form.

  • Chat Converts More Visitors to Leads

    The point of having live chat on your website is to get more leads. Online chat is known to bring more conversions. RV Chat converts as many as 60% of those chat sessions into real, verified sales leads.

RV Chat is committed to providing the best managed chat solutions to the recreational vehicle industry.
Contact us today to learn how we can help your marine dealership generate more leads and sell more boats.
If you don’t want to use a form (and who does?), try out the chat widget down there at the bottom of your screen!

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