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Enhance your RV dealerhsip's website

If your RV dealership has a website, you undoubtedly get lots of sales pitches for widgets, plug-ins and other add-ons which are supposedly going to enhance your website. Sometimes these things really are useful, but many are not. One sure thing is that many RV dealers are missing out on easy wins when it comes to getting leads from the website.

Live chat is the most important add-on for a dealership’s website. Of course we’d say that – we offer the best live web chat system for RV dealers. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true, especially when you take a look at the facts. User engagement on websites improves greatly when a good proactive chat solution is added.

What live chat can do for your website and your RV dealership:

Establishes Trust

From sales to service shoppers want to be able to trust your dealership. Live chat with a well trained and informed operator projects an image of helpfulness, and shows a willingness to be there for all of your customers’ needs.

Answers Questions

There are things a visitor to your site wants to know that do not really require an email or phone call.  Some of those things may be answered on your website, but often they are not or a visitor just can’t find it for some reason. Making it easier for your visitors to get simple questions answered makes for a much better user experience than filling out a form and waiting until someone takes the time to answer it.

Captures Leads

Lead generation is one of the main goals of most dealership websites. Website leads are becoming harder to gather as visitors are filling out fewer forms than they did in the past. To online shoppers, it seems like every website they visit wants them to fill out a form of some kind and they are tired of it.  Chat gives your dealership an opportunity to answer some questions and demonstrate trustworthiness in an effort to earn that valuable lead information – without relying on people filling out yet another form. A good live chat operator will know when and how to capture those leads.


In a highly competitive business like motorhome sales, it may be tempting to try the latest shiny object. We’re all for moving forward and keeping ahead of the competition. But first, a website should cover the basics – establish trust, provide information, and generate leads or sales. Live chat is one of the simplest website additions you can make to do those things, and get the most from your RV dealership website.

Find out how RV Chat can help you sell more recreational vehicles:

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