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For RV dealerships that want to get more sales leads from the internet, just having a website is not enough. Most recreational vehicle dealers have a website and the usual social media profiles, which means you have to put forth some extra effort to make your dealership stand out from the crowd.
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Your dealership doesn’t have to be strange or futuristic –
but it does need to stand out from the crowd.

Any good digital marketing expert will tell you that you need to rank high in Google search, be active in social media, and maybe do some advertising. But what happens after you drive all that traffic to your website? Does your website give visitors all the information they need along with all of your key selling points – just with the content of your website? Does your website answer all of your customers’ questions? Fill in the information gap and actively engage with your potential customers while they visit your website with live chat.


All Live Chat Options Are Not The Same

You have probably seen and used live chat widgets on websites. Many of them are free add-ons which do little more than annoy users by popping up at the least convenient time. Sometimes there is not even a real live person on the website’s side – just a poorly written and executed automated script. Most of the live website chat widgets out there are generic and ineffective. They do whatever it is they do the same way every time, no matter what the goals and needs of the site may be.
RV Chat is made just for RV dealer websites seeking to generate leads.Here are just some of the ways RV Chat is so much better than other live chat options:

  • Comprehensive, award-winning chat console
  • Ongoing software development to leverage latest technology
  • Finely-tuned website interface and proactive popup invite
  • Pre-written scripts that really work to generate leads
  • It won’t slow down your site, which may cause a drop in Google rankings
  • Latest high-speed server technology
  • Detailed analytics
  • Live chat operator teams are directly supervised and measured on 19 performance metrics

RV Chat provides the best managed chat system and live chat software serving the RV sales industry. Contact us or check out our pricing options today to find out how we can help your dealership generate more leads and sell more RVs.

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