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Live Chat Helps RV Dealers Connect with Customers Safely During the Pandemic

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Shutdowns and social distancing due to Coronavirus have changed prettustoy much everything about how we all do business. Though some RV dealers are reporting a boom in RV sales as more people consider an RV as an alternative to risky hotels and air travel, recreational vehicle dealerships must adapt to take advantage of the increased interest. Social distancing and apprehension about personal contact will likely linger on much longer, so dealerships need to find ways to meet the evolving needs of customers. Live chat with video capability from is an excellent way to engage with customers while following the rules and keeping a safe distance.

Whether you’re using live chat for lead generation, scheduling service, showing RVs with video chat, or finalizing sales, RVchat can help automotive dealerships through these uncertain times and beyond.

Fast Answers and Instant Gratification

Today’s consumers want fast solutions, and instant gratification from all online encounters – even major purchases like buying a motorhome.

When RV shoppers don’t get that instant gratification from your website, they’re going to go to a competitor’s site quickly. Our live chat software and services are designed to proactively engage with customers before they click away from your website.

Convenience is King

With social distancing and restrictions on in-person business operations, long hold times on the phone have become the norm and email turn around times are getting very long, too. Consumers want the convenience of being able to contact you and know they will get a fast response – not hours on hold or a few days until an email is answered. There is no faster response time than professionally managed live chat. Chat sessions can be handled by our managed live chat support team, or your own staff. The chat sessions and the sales leads that come from them can be sent directly to your phone via SMS text.


With live chat software and support services from, your dealership can offer convenience, instant gratification, and a personalized experience that helps build customer relationships – and sell more vehicles!


Let us show you how the best live chat system for RV dealers can help you.

Call us at 1-800-601-0792contact us here, or chat with us to get started.

Stay safe and healthy!


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