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Rev up RV sales with high-performance live chat for up to 60% lead bump


Rev Up RV Sales with High Performance Live Chat

Rev up RV sales with high performance live chat from Chatware.

A successful RV dealer wouldn’t let a potential customer wander around the lot or showroom without someone going over to greet them. Why not extend that that logic to the website? That’s precisely why forward-thinking recreational vehicle dealers add highly effective live chat to their dealership websites.

If you take a look at the ‘unique visitor’ count on your boat sales website, that number is typically 60 to 75 percent of total visits. Unique visitors are those who are visiting your site for the first time. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make every effort to reach out and engage with these new shoppers to answer their questions and collect contact information for a quality sales lead.

There are several reasons shoppers choose to chat on an RV sales website:

  • Pricing questions
  • Check on product availability
  • Learn about sales specials
  • Schedule service
  • Inquire about parts
  • Submit a credit application
  • Apply for a job

Adding live chat to RV dealer websites actually gives shoppers the benefit of a real live human being to help with their website visit – just like a salesperson might accompany a shopper around the dealership. The customer benefits from having streamlined access to information, and the dealership earns the opportunity for the chat operator to ask for contact information. With RV Chat live chat support, an agent can not only pass a shopper a website link, but in many cases they can even open another browser window for them, so the important page – like a credit application or specials page – stays open on the screen once the chat conversation is finished.

With RV Chat, a dealer can expect an increase in website leads of 40 to 60 percent or more, with very little cannibalization of leads which might come from traditional forms. Every aspect of RV Chat influences the shopper’s experience, and impacts both the quantity and quality of leads. Everything including the graphics, pre-written responses, operator response time, and performance of the operator console all contribute to RV Chat’s excellence in the RV sales industry, with the highest conversion rates of any managed chat provider.

Call or chat today to schedule a brief online demo and learn how to rev up your boat sales!


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